• Samsara Mind and Body 205 Merton Road Wandsworth London SW18 5EE United Kingdom

Practicing blindfolded, ‘Inner Light Yoga’ workshop offers a gentle hatha yoga class giving an opportunity to all yoga students, blind or not, to experience yoga in a brand new way. Having to rely on your other senses, you will develop a stronger inner focus and balance, explore your body from within and connect with your natural self.

Teaching and practicing yoga made me realise that while people who can see are in need of developing greater stability, focus and awareness to help them detach from the outside world, we tend to rely on through our sight, blind people may appreciate to learn a way to relax and unwind in a safe environment.

This is a fun-filled workshop where the worlds of light and darkness meet. You will be guided through a unique and inspirational class that will challenge your existing yoga practice and help you open your mind and heart in order to reach your true potential. While practicing blindfolded, you will be able to remove the eye mask at any time if you feel any form of discomfort.

Through 'Inner Light Yoga' initiative I aim to help raise awareness and support for Blind Children UK, a charity that improves the lives of blind children in the UK and helps them access a good quality habilitation support. I personally donate 50% of my proceeds from the ‘Inner Light Yoga’ workshops to Blind Children UK Charity and I would like to encourage you contribute and make a change by joining this workshop.

For more information on Blind Children UK, please visit

This workshop will include gentle asanas, pranayama, meditation, visualisation and relaxation. It’s open to students of various ages, levels and conditions but it’s recommended that all participants have at least some knowledge of yoga and asanas.