Humble, grateful + inspired

There is not point dithering: a yoga retreat with Michaela will change your life. Through her wealth of experience, Michaela has devised a thorough, tailor-made daily programme of asanas, breathing exercises and meditation techniques that both challenge and soothe. While my personal practice has unquestionably deepened, the effects that breathing and meditating had on me were unparalleled. Michaela is a patient, caring, demanding, inspiring and illuminating teacher and wonderful company with fantastic banter. I cannot wait to go on my next retreat with her!
— Emilie Eymin
It’s important not to look tense in front of the cameras, so Michaela’s yoga stretches and breathing exercises really relax me.
— Emilia Fox
When I started practicing yoga with Michaela, I just wanted to get in a good shape, but she literally changed my life. Michaela is an absolute master in what she does. She listens, truly understands and reacts accordingly. She has helped me to find the right way through life. I have no other words than love and admiration for her.
— Karolina Simova
Michaela is a wonderful and experienced teacher. Her classes are always interesting, unique and you really feel that she effectively addresses your issues. I always leave rejuvenated, relaxed and inspired.
— Aneta Podlaska
Thanks to yoga I have learned to enjoy the present moment, let go of the past and stop worrying about the future. Simple truth, but these are the most difficult to live. That’s what Michaela’s lessons are about – challenge yourself physically and release your mental baggage.
— Katka Kolostova
As a yoga teacher and student of Ayurveda, I found the workshop run by Michaela and Aneta really interesting and a useful tool for my own practice and knowledge. Both Michaela and Aneta were warm, friendly and welcoming and the handouts they provided at the end meant you could focus on the practice without having to remember everything there and then. I would recommend the workshop to anyone wishing to add another dimension to their yoga practice as well as wanting to understand the amazing subject of Ayurveda.
— Vicki Austin
Michaela is a very attentive teacher and cares for each individual. She radiates calmness and creates a nice atmosphere in the class.
— Martina Kralova
What a wonderful, restorative retreat, thank you so much for all the thought and planning you put into it making it such a success. And what a great opportunity to explore our yoga practice and learn something of Ayurveda too. Thoroughly enjoyed the classes, the treatment, the delicious food - and all of this in such beautiful, tranquil surroundings. The idea of joining another retreat with you is very appealing indeed!
— Angela Pasta
My sister and I decided to go on the yoga retreat with Michaela after I attended some of her classes in Mortlake. As it was our first retreat we were unsure what to expect but it exceeded all our expectations. We were beginners to yoga and the retreat was a great way to immerse yourself in the yoga way of life for a weekend. We truly felt rested, rejuvenated and energised by the yoga, Ayurvedic treatment and beautiful setting of Tilton House. The group was diverse and interesting and we learnt a lot from each other throughout the weekend. Michaela is a fantastic yoga teacher who brought together a great weekend programme and lots of fun along the way. I would not hesitate to book another weekend with her some time soon.
— Miranda Searle
Michaela lives and breathes her truth, so what better guide for a mindful retreat exploring yoga, life and dreams than her.
— Bec Dujin
It’s a fantastic workout for the whole body enhancing balance, posture, strength, breathing, flexibility and relaxation.
— Simon Totten, Times Online
I just wanted to say what a fantastic yoga retreat weekend I had at Tilton House which you organised perfectly and I returned home totally revitalised. The whole weekend was brilliantly planned by you and the group you got together also really connected well and I know many of the others were delighted like me by it all. I highly recommend it to anyone thinking of doing it especially any guys who feel unsure as to what to expect. Very well done Michaela, I look forward to joining you again on another retreat weekend sometime soon!
— Simon Docherty
Thank you very much for leading our yoga classes at Brown’s Hotel. It was great and always tailored to our different needs.
— Marie Salome
I wanted to say a huge thank you for a fabulous weekend retreat. I enjoyed it all from the start to finish. The sessions, treatment, scenery and setting was so enjoyable. You have done a fantastic job in putting it all together.
— Anna Liza Lomibao
Michaela’s gentle, loving, beautifully flowing way of conducting the class always left me relaxed and energised, rooted and uplifted.
— Eva Srobova
Michaela makes you work intensively, yet always with the respect to your body and your fitness level. I have a great feeling of accomplishment at the end of each session.
— Agnes Bizet
I was lucky to attend Michaela’s yoga break at the private castle. Not only we practiced meditation and yoga in lush gardens of the castle, enjoyed delicious vegetarian meals, received a relaxing massage and were introduced to ayurveda, but most importantly I could let go of everything and come back home with an inner peace and happiness.
— Katerina Cumplova