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I believe in doing more of what makes My heart sing


Hi, I'm Michaela - a mama, spirited entrepreneur, founder of Business of OM and a great believer that you can have a life and business of your dreams. If you really want to...

Just like you, I've been trying to find my voice and life's purpose and for years worked, traveled, studied, practiced, learned my lessons (too many to mention) and just about getting things figured out. 

Along the way, I've been succeeding and failing but never stopped dreaming, doing more of what makes my heart sing and less of what doesn't feel just right. I grew stronger, braver, confident and most importantly crystal clear on what I want from my life and why!


Welcome to my creative hub!
I help teachers, coaches, experts + other spirited entrepreneurs to create a profitable online business.


My story so far...

Being a huge fan of Depeche Mode in my 20s, I was dreaming (just like thousands of other fans) to get all-access and work for the band. I couldn't believe my luck when, after only a few months of manifesting this wild idea, I was actually offered to become the editor of their international fan club magazine BONG. That's the law of attraction for you! Writing, photography + design became my second nature. After eight years, I moved on to work in music, publishing and film production, heading marketing & PR departments and getting the first-hand experience of international brands such as Madonna, Harry Potter or 007.

Dealing with stresses of 24/7 corporate job, I soon became clear that it's time to swap Hollywood for Bollywood. So I decided to quit my well paid job and escaped to an Indian ashram to study yoga. With a fresh diploma in my hand, I packed my bags and moved back to London to pursue my new career as a yoga teacher. Was it one of the biggest leaps in my life? You bet. But I knew a fresh start was on the cards and I'm counting my blessings today as meeting the love of my life (Jason) and becoming a mum to our gorgeous daughter Maya just seemed to be a part of this great Universal master plan.

Teaching yoga and running my business for 10 years, I started to feel restricted by the studio walls and realised that what I really want is to make a bigger impact. I also knew I wanted to be location independent so I can travel and spend more time with my family. Then when I designed my first website and a few friends reached out to me for help with their brand, website, marketing and social media strategy, I knew I was onto something... Re-connecting to my creative source and getting this clarity, I started organically grow my "new" business, combining the best of two worlds I know inside out.


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"The thought of creating my website was a very daunting and intimidating process but Michaela put me at ease from our first encounter. She really brought my dream to life and I've also generated a lot more work from her social media advice as a bonus."



"I have been re-inspired with my work and my purpose of why I started my business in the first place."


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"When good people are placed in your life at the right time, it is truly a remarkable and humbling feeling. Michaela beat me to the punch on this one!"