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Trying to figure out your business all by yourself sucks! If you're just starting and feeling overwhelmed by all the choices or you already have a business but it's not working for you and you don't know why or you feel stuck and need some expert advice, clarity and guidance - I'm your partner in crime! 


• Mentoring session(s) of your choice

• 1x bespoke video audit of your branding + website 

• Personalised checklist to turn your intentions into actions

• Action tips, recommendations & go-to resources to elevate your brand + turn your website into a powerhouse

How it works


If you're looking to uplevel your business, choose my popular mentoring package of 6x 60 min sessions OR 1 Day VIP Intensive. Book 1x 60 min session if you only need a quick business superboost.

We'll schedule your 1-to-1 session(s) via Skype, Google Hangouts or phone. You'll have a chance to ask me anything about your branding, website or digital marketing. No question is too big or small!


If needed I'll review your branding + website within three working days and send you a link to your bespoke video review that will be available for you to watch and download on a private page.


You'll receive your personalised checklist (PDF) to start implementing any changes and get access to my go-to resources, tips and recommendations.

* May cause positive vibes, elevation, transformation and miracles