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Website design, branding + marketing strategy for spirited entrepreneurs who want to create a business and life of their dreams

Michaela Olexova


Just like you, I've been trying to find my voice and life's purpose and for years worked as a brand & marketing director and yoga teacher. Passionate about creative living, I now combine the best of two worlds I know inside out to help you transform your life, so we can collectively transform lives of others.

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Turn your passion into a business


What's stopping you? Maybe you don't know where to start, don't have time, energy or money. The techy stuff is not your thing and you may feel overwhelmed by too many options. Or your biggest fear is either failing or being too successful...



I truly believe that you were put on this planet for a reason, just like me, equipped with your unique gifts and talents. Yet, there are hundreds or thousands of people you could be helping right now who have no idea who you are...

Now imagine what your life would look like if:

• You stepped into your light, built a business of your dreams and were able to share your greatness with the world
• You had the clarity, focus, confidence and support you need
• You had an authentic brand that's true to yourself, connects with your tribe and stands out in the crowd
• Your professional website was working for you, creating new opportunities, collaborations and abundance
• You could focus on serving your clients or spending time with your family, while saving time, money and energy

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