Turquoise Meditation Mala Beads

Turquoise Meditation Mala Beads


Inspired by the beauty of Nepal, the green colour of this mala brings you closer to your heart energy centre and connects you to the spiritual energy, love and intuition.

The birthstone of December, Turquoise is one of the oldest protection stones, promoting inner calmness, positive thoughts, courage and good fortune.

  • Traditional 108 mala beads perfect for prayer or meditation
  • Energetically cleansed and blessed by a Buddhist Lama during a special ceremony in Nepal
  • Hand-made (colour and size of the stones & tassels can vary slightly) 
  • Approximate length 40-42cm
  • Beautifully presented and packaged in a hand-made pouch
  • 100% profits go to Himalayan Homes Trust Fund supporting the victims of the earthquake that Nepal suffered in 2015
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The story of mala beads by Jenny Sherpa

When I first moved to Nepal with my husband, we lived in the predominantly Buddhist community known as the Boudha. It's very close to the actual Boudhanath Stupa, which is said to be the most sacred Stupa in Nepal. I would only ever buy my beads from a merchant around the stupa itself and go with my instincts as to which stones to choose. The process is to always have them energetically cleansed and blessed by my Father in Law, who is a Buddhist Lama and comes from a long line of Holy Men and Healers and who now serves as a community holy man and healer. Once the beads are back in his village, he begins the ritual of blessing the beads by lighting special incense. Then he begins to count the beads himself - there must be 108 beads for him to go ahead with the ritual, if there are not, he will not bless the beads. Once he's happy with the number of beads, he begins to cleanse them with incense whilst reciting mantras and special Buddhist prayers over them, directed to the person they are intended for.

The story of Himalayan Homes Trust Fund

The Himalayan Homes Trust was created by sisters, Jenny Sherpa and Joanne Carrigan, in response to the two devastating Earthquakes that literally shook the Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal in 2015, killing almost 10,000 people, and leaving thousands homeless. With this in mind, the sole purpose of the trust is to raise money to help the remote Himalayan communities rebuild their homes using an eco, sustainable, low cost and relatively quake resistant building technique. The Himalayan Homes Trust is committed to raising enough money to fund the first building project in Those (Jenny Sherpa's family village), which will be a new school, and will also act as a community shelter whilst other individual homes are being created in the coming months. If you would like to help and support The Himalayan Homes Trust, please make your donations here.